Business Intelligence (BI) - Analytics & Reporting

Our Team utilizes innovative analytics combined with market leading reporting tools to generate insights and analysis for your business. We help in creating useful information from variously sourced databases. We create and deploy both custom and pre-packaged reporting and analytic tools. This customized system helps clients understand markets, customers and competitors, as well as their own brand and operations. HashTag Systems guides the client through the solution roll-out and helps them build robust data analysis architecture through:

Prototyping analytics platform on sample data set
Targeted Planning
Business Intelligence Analytics
Data Integration and Migration
Business Intelligence Design
UI Development
Automatic Data Reporting

HashTag Systems team can partner with sales executives and other business leaders providing world-class operational support using data and analytics to provide meaningful insights and enable more effective decision making .

Our experts work closely with other team members and the global sales leaders to further develop the existing analytics, create new insightful dashboards and other key performance metrics to drive improved business performance. We analyze diverse data sets to provide assessments of trends, to explain variances from goals, and to identify indicators of possible performance issues or challenges to stakeholders. HashTag Systems experts can Identify and implement tools and systems to support objectives with increased effectiveness, quality and speed through automation. In addition to that we can

Develop and deliver standardized data management processes , provide ad-hoc business analytics and other reports for sales management
Assist in supporting data mining analysis, forecasting, client and resource performance analysis
Collaborate with marketing, finance and additional business partners to provide comprehensive company wide data analysis
Assist clients with designing reporting and analytics frameworks, vendor tool comparison, Installation and configuration, training and other support inquiries. We Provide expert advice on how to best use Tableau and other analytical tools for client needs
Act as Leader who works closely with the team and management

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