Business Analysis

Business Analysis at HashTag Systems
Business analysis is all about knitting people, processes, and business goals together. Business Analysis domain may have been assumed more art than science in the past. However over the past few years it has evolved into a science as defined ways of measuring both an organization and individual Business Analysts competency levels has evolved. Our team of expert Business analysts work across all levels of an organization and are involved in everything from defining approach, strategy, analyzing and creating the requirements of enterprise-level architecture. Experts use industry leading frameworks, taking a leadership role in defining the goals and requirements for programs and projects or supporting continuous improvementin its technology and processes.

How HashTag Systems Business Analysts exceed expectations?
Hashtag Systems teams of experts have the knowledge to act as a guide to lead the business to get it to its desired destination. They participate in all aspects of IT product development and release cycles, including research and analysis. Business analysts create and analyze plans for requirements analysis, cost-benefit analysis, avoidance of cost, identification and analysis of new opportunities, and modeling these opportunities to potential future projects for an organization.

Hashtag Systems team will identify and define the solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders. Through the effective use of business analysis tools and techniques, we can ensure an organization achieve the goals and exceed expectations. Our methodology is very process oriented, and business focused. We interview key business management and knowledge workers to understand their business objectives, document their objectives into requirements and associated potential business impact. Hashtag Systems experts ensure business and processes success through trained personnel with vast experience and proven industry skill-sets.

HashTag Systems team of experts can help in

Business Process Improvement
Process analysis, review and documentation
Help in measuring return on Investment and documenting the right requirements
Achieving project completion milestones of time ,schedule and scope

Why HashTag Systems Business Analysts ?
HashTag Systems project manager is the one tasked with ensuring that a project is completed on schedule and within budget meeting CPI (Cost performance index) and SPI (Schedule performance index) requirements. The Business analyst job is more to meet the highest priority requirements of the stakeholders. Business analysts want to make sure that they define the requirements in a way that meets the business needs and define the right application. Our experts will help in documenting the right requirements by applying correct stakeholder management methodologies and by delivering a complete set of clear requirements to the technical teams to design the product. We will help in achieving the efficiency by reducing rework and by improving processes at all levels of organization.

What services we offer ?
HashTag Systems team of expert Business analysts will assist your organization :

Project scoping analysis- ensuring that scope is clearly and concisely defined and agreed with all stakeholders
Project documentation and requirements analysis to achieve the business benefits you desire
People development by working with your Business Analysts through peer group reviews of completed work to analyze ,providing constructive feedback and improve the process and products of Business Analysis
Taking your organization to next level starting from Project Initiation to Project monitoring and control
Helping in Process requirements documentation, creating requirements register and ensuring IT and Business are connected and bridging the gaps by providing prompt resolutions and constructive feedbacks to existing project risks.
Suggesting improvements in your Business Analyst function and can also help you carry out the program.

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