Cloud and Data Center Operations

IT infrastructure is important to business. While that sounds self-evident, the implications of that obvious fact has deep and wide ranging consequences for today's companies. Operational activities directly impact the way a company works. In IT those activities must be readily available, while maintaining optimal capacity. They must also be cost effective without sacrificing effectiveness for savings.

HashTag Systems helps customers transform their IT infrastructure into a valuable asset. The company supports growth and maneuverability in an agile world. HashTag Systems revolutionizes IT operations into becoming a provider of services and resources both on-site and in the cloud. The company helps businesses prioritize needs and reign in costs. HashTag System's customers are provided a new way of doing business that responds to the demands for excellence in a data driven world.

Our Area Of Expertise

Data Center Migrations

Space is a premium in IT structures. HashTag Systems streamlines data storage by maximizing space and containing costs and energy usage. Whether it be through servers, applications or data flow, HashTag Systems helps organize and secure your assets to prevent business outages or data loss.

HashTag Systems addresses the three major hubs of data center migration:

Our experts use an application-centric approach with proprietary tools that mitigate migration risk. This approach is scalable, cost-efficient and proven.

Our approach makes you a service provider to your partners. We virtualize your data centers, preparing them for private cloud and optimizing them around geographic constraints, industry requirements and regional compliance.

Cost Optimization
We maximize cost benefit. We provide recommendations, implementation, evaluation and management to ensure best practices. HashTag Systems' approach will help you in achieving below goals :
Developing of efficient and effective business case
Creation of specific recommendations and a detailed implementation roadmap.
Rationalization of processes and infrastructure.
Alignment of processes with staff resources and skills.
Automation of major day to day operational, project management and reporting>

IT Operational Eficiency

HashTag Systems develops a comprehensive operational approach for its clients. We leverage our vast experience to provide a blueprint that monitors and documents your processes. We give you an implementation strategy that stresses performance and effectiveness. Our strategies are repeatable,cost-effective and efficient. Our experienced consultants can :
Producing design documents of major IT processes and developing process flow out of it.
Producing operations run books of detailed technical procedures which can repeated effectively.
Developing of service and operational metrics for baseline or desired performance.
Creation of training materials and implementation plans.


HashTag Systems makes your IT network more intelligent and responsive. We integrate application, design and security functions to correspond to your business goals.

Application Networking
HashTag Systems analyzes your network performance and develops solutions that optimize your system's impact on critical applications and distributed users.

Network Design
HashTag Systems creates a network strategy that simplifies your data center architecture and maximizes your data capacity and performance. We will:
Develop a converged network strategy.
Redesign your networks around capacity or performance issues.
Adapt network architecture when consolidating or relocating data centers.
Redesign your architecture to support virtualized environments.

Network Security
HashTag Systems protects your core IT infrastructure. We analyze the probable sources of attack and secure it with state of the art solutions.

Service Management

HashTag Systems provides effective solutions for your service management needs. We provide support in three key areas.

Data Management
By managing growth, IT processes and data storage HashTag Systems protects your current assets, while positioning your company for future expansion and success.

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