At HashTag Systems you get seasoned professionals who've studied the broad architecture of the IBM WebSphere since its inception. These industry veterans maintain close ties with the IBM research and development labs. More importantly, they have a rich and varied history of working with the software where it counts: in the pressure-cooker of the real world. .
HashTag Systems connects you with a worldwide network of service specialists. They bring deep technical skills, best practices expertise and on-the-job experience that unleashes the power of the IBM WebSphere. HashTag Systems makes it easy for its clients and partners to design, build and test solutions. The company provides a range of services that enable the client to tailor the architecture to the demands of their business.

Service Offerings

Install and deploy
WebSphere and other middleware professionals are experienced and well rained with installing and setting up of new websphere environnments to support your application in any OS platform. From manual approach they are well trained in setting new websphere environment by use of 'chef' automation or by use of scriting like bash in linux and powershell in windows.
Access and Availability
HashTag Systems' engineers are capable of supporting your infrastructure and make your information systems more efficient and accessible. In addition to this they are well trained with procedures like Disaster recovery to make sure not matter what happens to data center it wont effect you business anyhow. Please contact HashTag Services to learn more about it.
Design and Architecture
Need Architecture and design skills? HashTag Systems will provide the solutions you need with a structure that's both robust and scalable.
Develop and Deploy
We'll do the grunt work required to bring your WebSphere software solutions to life. Once we're on the job, you're guaranteed to see your ideas come to fruition.
After building your websphere farm HashTag Systems can take care of maintaining it . You can leave your worries like patching , deployment etc on us.
Hashtag Systems make sure they automate most of day to day operational tasks related to websphere to make day to day job easy , efficient and error free. Automation can be done in almost all possible scripting languages depending on client's comfort. Some of common automation tools used are 'chef' and 'udeploy' and common scripting languages are 'bash' , 'powershell'.

For more information about HashTag Systems IT Systems management and DevOPs services please contact us info@hashtagsystems.com